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Detroit Private Pilot License

Have you ever dreamed of flying?

How about soaring among the clouds in a private plane? You may not believe that you will be able to get a private pilot certificate, but it actually is really easy. A private pilot certificate will open multiple doors for you and if you are in Detroit, Michigan, then we can help you learn to fly. If you want to fly, then call 877-801-5399 today and schedule your first lesson.

The majority of pilots flying today hold a private pilot’s license. This license allows you to fly any aircraft for non-commercial purposes. This certificate will allow you to fly under all of the visual flight rules in Detroit, Michigan. This license is the most popular license in the country for several reasons. The certificate allows pilots to start learning more about flying and eventually become professional pilots. The license is relatively easy compared to other methods of getting into flying such as joining the military. The license also comes with more privileges than a sport pilot license.

Getting a private pilot license is relatively simple. You must first meet an age requirement, meaning that you must be over the age of seventeen. Individuals seeking a private pilot license must also put in forty hours of flight training.

If you want to fly, then call us today at
877-801-5399 and schedule your first lesson!

If you are interested in gaining a private pilot certification, then you will have to find a company to train you. Pilot Training Detroit are one of the best companies in the Detroit, Michigan area for learning how to fly a plane. We will ensure that you receive the training you need to get your license and fly a plane with confidence.

One piece of our training that you will definitely appreciate is the twenty hours of dual instruction. During this part of the licensure training you will fly with an experienced pilot who will ensure your safety during the process in Pilot Training Detroit. This dual instruction training includes three hours of cross country flight, three hours of instrument training, three hours of flying at night, and eleven hours of other flying training. You will feel extremely competent after going through the dual instruction phase of the program.

Once you feel confident in an airplane our program will put you through ten hours of solo flight time. This time is meant to ensure that you can fly a plan on your own without any coaching. This is critical for your future safety as you most likely will attempt to fly on your own at some point during your time as a pilot. You will fly out of Detroit, Michigan. While this part of the training may seem intimidating, you should keep in mind that we are going to do our best to scaffold you into being a successful solo pilot. Our team of instructors is very skilled at training pilots and you will be more than ready for your licensing test.

Do you love to fly? If so, SKY HIGH Flight School will help your dreams take off and truly take flight

Getting your Private Pilot License can be extremely exciting, but you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible training. If you want to get the best possible training for your pilot private license, then you should call us today and get the training you need.

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